Our company has a ULO storage capacity of 6000 tons. Customers can store root vegetables and fruits with us for a long time throughout the year, both in season and off-season.

The whole system and process of storing vegetables in a controlled atmosphere is verified and designed by leading experts in the field.

The usual method of storage does not guarantee the maximum quality of vegetables and fruits, so the consumer often gets lower quality and not the freshest goods. After harvesting, the fruits develop further until they ripen and ripen. During normal storage of the fruit, the fruit's own energy is consumed during this period, which is reflected in the breakdown of storage substances - the pulp of the fruit. It is rapidly devaluing.

For this reason, the company uses professional ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) technology for storing vegetables and fruits to minimize these side effects. The technology ensures that all nutrients remain in the fruit in such quantity and quality as after harvest, the fruit is firmer and retains its natural color.

The controlled atmosphere technology maintains and controls the content of carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen in the most suitable values for long-term storage of fruits and vegetables. Storage in a controlled atmosphere limits respiration, regulates ripening, reduces the occurrence of physiological and microbiological diseases, and prevents transpiration, drying and shrinkage of fruits. ULO storage extends the storage period to 240 - 270 days for vegetables and for fruit up to 270 - 350 days.